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Park Bench Women
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Martha Moffett's PARK BENCH WOMEN found their lives entangled during the years their small children shared a playground and a co-op nursery school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In those years the women were primarily mothers, pushing strollers and wiping runny noses while their husbands enjoyed the excitement and glamour of careers in the big city. In particular this drama is the story of Liddy and Miranda, whose entanglements included Liddy's affair with Miranda's husband Sam. Twenty years later, divorced, re-married, with their children grown, the women are now the artists, photographers and writers they dreamed of becoming as they sat together on the playground benches twenty years before. Their lives have drifted apart, but on the occasion of Miranda's art show opening, they are re-united, and Liddy and Miranda confront their knowledge of what was really going on in those park bench years. Park Bench Women is a wryly humorous yet powerfully moving look at women's lives from the sixties to the nineties, as the women realize that their friendships have outlasted their marriages, and their own lives have come to overshadow the lives of their former husbands.