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The Last Bus
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The pieces in this collection open a window into a more innocent, pre-digital world whose traces are rapidly disappearing. The Last Bus, Clay Geerdes's unique take on life and the world, is equal parts memoir, fiction, and social commentary. The early memoirs are based on the author's experiences growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and as a sailor in the nineteen fifties. These stories immerse the reader in crucial detail, while exhibiting an unusual combination of narrative distance and dry-eyed wistfulness. The result is a well-defined and original Geerdes style with no obvious literary antecedents. The later stories, which are tougher and manifest a sharp-edged view towards the world, focus on the cultural and political scenes in the San Francisco area from the mid-sixties through the mid-nineties. From beginning to end, from the very moving title story through the touching essay "Miss Ganz", this is the story of a man who felt himself always alone, always apart, despite all the human connections in his life. From the evidence here, Clay Geerdes appears to have faced this ultimate aloneness, and indeed his own death, with the sang froid of a seasoned reporter in the battle zone.

The Last Bus was selected from a huge collection of documents the author left behind at his death. Many, but not all, of these stories originally appeared in the weekly Anderson Valley Advertiser of Boonville, California, a paper that has given many writers the space and creative scope that is so rarely available in today's popular press.