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Insignificant Day
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With INSIGNIFICANT DAY Debby Turner has created a screenplay of chilling power, a story of the sudden intrusion of the supernatural into daily life. Megan, young, attractive and sophisticated, is a successful gallery owner but a frustrated artist. Engaged to wed Raoul but uncertain about her feelings, she tells no one of her plans to take off for a few days alone. But on the morning of her scheduled departure, checking herself in the mirror, she realizes to her horror that she is not there. This begins her journey through the Stages, a mysterious parallel world into which people suffering from identity confusion can fall, perhaps forever. It is a hallmark of this script that it contains nothing at all visually out of the ordinary, no pyrotechnics or special effects, just a relentlessly believable trip through the shadowy places of the mind. The mood is eerily reminiscent of the 1973 Nicolas Roeg film Don't Look Now with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. Like that thriller, Insignificant Day evokes a relentlessly haunting tone yet always seems utterly real, holding the audience in complete suspense