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Cold As Ice
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Sam MacLeish is the private eye in Bill Armstrong's COLD AS ICE. Obsessed with the vicious shooting murder of his friend Lynn Harding at her Vermont farm house, and the disappearance of her young daughter, Macleish is determined to solve the crime. Making his primitive vacation cabin high in the nearby hills his base, he tries to ferret information from an array of unsavory local characters. In the course of his investigation he manages to alienate the county sherriff and even his own friends. Making blunder after blunder, he finally zeroes in on the murderer, in the process setting himself up as the killer's next victim. The mysterious, awesome beauty of a cold and snowy Vermont winter forms a strangely lyrical backdrop for the mayhem that follows. COLD AS ICE provides a strong dose of nail-biting suspense wrapped in a lovely pastoral setting. Add to that a sharp-eyed look at the backwoods characters and chronic alcoholism of deepest Vermont, and the result is more than unusual, it is irresistible.