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Bart's Revenge
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Set in the border state of Missouri in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, Bart's Revenge is a true-to-life western whose background is the chaos and social disintegration that followed the Civil War in the South and some border states. No border state suffered more from the severely divided loyalties of its citizens than Missouri, and Dorman Chasteen's riveting novel was inspired by family stories passed down through the generations concerning these conflicts. After Union soldiers and sympathizers lynch his older brother Clyde for his Confederate sympathies, nineteen year old Bart Helm plots revenge. His ten year old brother Aaron has witnessed the murder, and during a reconnaissance to town is able to point out a number of the perpetrators in a local tavern. Bart's bloody revenge in the tavern, his flight across the state, and his ultimate arrival and further adventures in Indian Territory are suffused with a level of detail that make this story a gripping read. The author's descriptions of the social conflicts and diverse motivations of the major characters imbue the novel with a deeper level of sociological and historical authenticity than one usually finds in the genre, making it more than just another western adventure story.